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NEW - MagPump 9mm Handgun Magazine Loader

Introducing the new MagPump 9mm magazine loader. Load 30 rounds in less than 30 seconds. Works with 9mm double stack magazines from Glock, SIG, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Ruger & CZ.

MagPump the Fastest Magazine Loader

The MagPump is a hopper fed, loose ammunition loader compatible with all Mil-Spec AR-15 magazines in .223Rem/5.56NATO/.300BLK.

Kyle Lamb's MagPump AR-15 Magazine Loader Overview

Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics gives a quick run down on how the MagPump AR-15 magazine loader can load 90 rounds in under 90 seconds. 

Doug Koenig Finds the MagPump Quick, Easy & Efficient

Load magazines quickly with the MagPump. That is what professional shooter Doug Koenig says the MagPump offers him...quick, easy and efficient. 

MagPump is a necessity for serious shooters

MagPump is a better and faster way to load magazines. Spend more time shooting and less time reloading magazines. 

MagPump Magazine Loader is a Game Changer

Kyle Lamb agrees the MagPump is by far the fastest and easiest way to quickly load a 30 round magazine for your AR. Lay 90 rounds in the feeder, grab three magazines and under 90 seconds get three, 30-rounders ready for shooting.